When you’re living with Alpha-1 lung disease, you put a lot of energy into the work of breathing. You need some strategies to help you manage your energy so you use less of it when dealing with work, family, and other responsibilities.

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Here are some tips to help you manage your energy:

Pace yourself: Give yourself enough time to complete a task without rushing. And don’t wait until you feel tired to rest. Take frequent, short breaks.

Work smarter: Use tools, equipment, or postures that require less energy. It’s not lazy, it’s smart.

Space your activities: Break big jobs into smaller steps. And, plan rest breaks between tasks that take a lot of energy.

Plan your day:  If you need to attend a meeting in the evening, avoid strenuous activities earlier in the day.

Reduce your workload: If you have stairs in your home, plan ahead so you don’t have to make multiple trips to get things you need. Or use paper or plastic dishes so you don’t have to wash and dry.

Sit to work: Use a  stool or chair to minimize fatigue if you’re doing something that takes time.

Move your body mindfully: Rapid, jerky arm movements can make you feel tired and out of breath. Keep your motions small, smooth and flowing. If you can, avoid working with your arms above your head.

Adjust your work height: When working, the counter or table should be two inches below the bend in your elbow. If it’s any lower, you may have to stoop or bend. And if it’s higher, you’ll have to reach and lift. That affects your breathing, and can cause back strain and fatigue.

Organize storage and work areas: Put the things you use most within easy reach. Store items where you’re most likely to use them.

Keep cool: If you’re hot, your body uses energy to try to cool down. If your work area is too warm, get a fan or air conditioner.  Limit high-energy activities to the coolest part of the day.

Learn to relax: Emotions and tension can drain your energy. There are many ways to reduce your stress, like yoga, meditation, or taking a walk in nature.

Learn more techniques to conserve energy.

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Download Manage Your Energy With These Strategies as a PDF.