Support For Alphas Not on Augmentation Therapy

We know that living with Alpha-1 can present risks to your health even though you may currently feel good and not require augmentation therapy. That’s why AlphaNet has a free, voluntary enrollment program specifically focused on maintaining the health of Alphas whose current status does not require advanced treatments such as augmentation therapy. This program is called REACH. REACH stands for Risk Evaluation to Achieve Continued Health.

Who is eligible to enroll in the REACH program?

      • Alphas NOT on augmentation therapy with any combination of rare/deficient alleles – not just ZZs.
      • Healthy asymptomatic Alphas NOT on therapy, or Alphas with any amount of lung disease and/or liver disease NOT on therapy. Alpha carriers do not qualify.
      • Parents with a minor Alpha child.
      • Alphas who’ve had lung/liver transplants and are NOT on augmentation therapy.
      • Alphas formerly on augmentation therapy.

When you enroll in the program, you will be assigned a REACH Coordinator who will contact you periodically (monthly, quarterly, or twice yearly based on your Risk Assessment) to focus specifically on prevention, wellness, and health maintenance activities.  By signing up, you get access to tools, information, and support you need to help you stay well.

If you think you qualify for the REACH program and are interested in joining, complete the Risk Assessment. Please be aware that at this time, the REACH program is only available to Alphas in the United States. 

Start your Risk Assessment