Hi, my name is Lisa Ann Riddle and I would like to introduce myself. I live in Muskogee, Oklahoma, with my partner Eric.  I was born and raised in Tennessee.  I am the proud mother of 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 in July 1998 right before my 32nd birthday.  I had made my way through at least 3 pulmonary doctors.  I then found myself seeing an Asthma Allergy Specialist and it was there I was diagnosed.  My pulmonary function test (PFT’s) was ranging at that time between 46 and 49%.  I was also an ex-smoker.  I could also probably contribute a lot of that damage from working in a factory that made lawn mowers and being exposed to fiberglass and paint daily for nearly 7 years.  As like most, I was lost and clueless to hear the words Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and I found myself on a mission.  I was on the internet for hours daily trying to learn and find as much information as I could.  There was very little at that time to be found, but I did find AlphaNet and quickly found myself bonding with my Coordinator.  It was bittersweet to talk to someone that had been through a lot of the same things I had.

During my search, I also found my doctor and longtime advisor Dr. Mark Brantly.  I was so very fortunate to find him and be able to call him my doctor.  I’ve learned so much from him and being a patient with a very long list of strange events, I think he has learned a lot from me as well.  15 years later, I’m still here doing most things that I love and enjoy.  I love to cook and experiment with new recipes that I make up myself.  Preparing a huge holiday dinner is my specialty with all of the fixings and desserts.  I enjoy redecorating my house and taking on projects that I know I shouldn’t be doing, but love to do.  I enjoy fishing and camping when it’s not too hot.  Some days are more of a challenge then others, but for the most part each one is a new learning experience for me.  I never take life for granted and I love each and every minute that I have of it.  Staying positive, focusing on the good things, and forgetting the bad, is my way of life.  Talking to others with Alpha-1 has always been something that I have learned from and enjoyed doing.  I hope I am able to serve you and do as well as my fellow Coordinators have for me.

Coordinator: Lisa Riddle

Phone: (855) 230-4242

Email: lriddle@alphanet.org

State/Province/Territories: Arkansas, N. Georgia (for zip codes below only), Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma

Zip Code (first 3 digits only):  GA 301-302, 305-306

Country: USA

Product: Zemaira