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Hello! My name is Lisa Nice and I would like to introduce myself as your AlphaNet Coordinator.

I live in Florida with my husband Rocky and my daughter Taylor. I was born in Ohio, moved to Michigan and then at the age of 10 moved to Florida with my family. I lived all over the state before settling in Polk County where I went to school, got married and raised my daughter.

It was 2009 when I really started struggling with my shortness of breath. I assumed it was from smoking for many years. I spoke to my doctor about it and he agreed I should quit smoking. On April 28, 2015, I quit smoking, but my shortness of breath continued to get worse. In August 2016, I was referred to a specialist/pulmonologist where I was diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. I was told I was a ZZ with a level of 21. I really didn’t know what that meant – it was very scary. I began my augmentation therapy shortly after my diagnosis. I was assigned an AlphaNet Coordinator right away. She helped me through my journey and my understanding of Alpha-1. I am now thankful for my diagnosis, AlphaNet and my infusion therapy.

For 16 years, I worked for a franchise development company supporting business owners as they started up their businesses successfully. I feel that my career journey was meant to get me right where I am today as an AlphaNet Coordinator, supporting fellow Alphas. Thank you in advance for allowing me to help and support you!