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Hello!  My name is Jennifer Atkins and I am an AlphaNet Coordinator.

I grew up in Southern Oklahoma and moved to Pittsburg, Texas to live in the Piney Woods of East Texas on a beautiful lake six years ago.  My husband and I have four magnificent daughters, three incredible son-in-laws and six fabulous grandchildren whom we enjoy immensely!  My hobbies include boating, gardening and enjoying our menagerie of pets (dogs, cats, chickens and ducks).

My educational background includes both a Bachelors and Master degree from the University of Oklahoma.  Over the past twenty years, I have worked in the long term care industry serving as an educator, planner and Administrator.  I hold licenses as a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator in both Texas and Oklahoma.

In 2016, I had a car accident which deployed all air bags.  I was trapped in the car for several minutes breathing in the chemicals from the air bags which made it difficult to breathe.  During the ER visit I was told to follow up with my family doctor the following week.  Over the next several days, I found it extremely hard to breathe and do normal activities.  After expressing this concern to my family doctor, he recommended a pulmonologist.   This resulted in several tests, which included the Alpha-1 blood test.  After a short turn around, I was diagnosed a ZZ.

I feel fortunate to be in an Alpha network of professionals many of whom are Alphas themselves.  It is with great pride I serve as an AlphaNet Coordinator and I feel privileged to listen, assist and educate other Alphas.  No one understands what we go through like another Alpha.