Hi my name is Ric Logsdon and I would like to introduce myself as your AlphaNet Patient Services Coordinator.

I have lived in the Louisville, Kentucky area for most of my life.  I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 in 2001 after the death of my father, but I had experienced symptoms since I was seven years old.  I am the youngest of eight children; I am one of three ZZ alphas and have five MZ siblings.

After being diagnosed and given false information, I began to educate myself and other Alphas about living with AATD through sharing my story with the Kentucky support group and with area doctors.

I went to Capitol Hill to speak with our nation’s leaders about the important bills affecting Alpha-1 “Access to Care” issues.

Today, I continue to voice the positive message of living with Alpha-1 and the importance of early detection to American Lung Association meetings, local support group meetings and now, as an AlphaNet Coordinator.

I am also a pastor of a church in Louisville.  One of my greatest joys in life is helping people find their way, whether it be in the church or in the world of Alpha-1.

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with AlphaNet.  I have met some truly remarkable people and heard amazing stories during the past several years.  I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your story.

Coordinator: Ric Logsdon

Phone: (844) 446-1243

Email: rlogsdon@alphanet.org

State/Province/Territories: Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas (for zip codes below only), Virginia, West Virginia

Zip Code (first 3 digits only): TX 733-799 and 885

Country: USA

Product: Zemaira