Hi, my name is Kathie Sivesind and I would like to introduce myself.  I live on Camano Island in Washington State with my husband.  We have two grown children and five grandchildren.

I used to get very short of breath and didn’t know why.  I thought maybe I was just out of shape and working too hard.  I went to see a doctor who prescribed some asthma medication, but it didn’t help, so I sought out an allergist.

The allergist ran the test for Alpha-1 and I was diagnosed in 1992.  I worked for over 20 years in the medical insurance field, a job that prepared me well for the work I began with AlphaNet in 2002.  I have been very involved in the Seattle area support group and love exchanging information and building my base of knowledge.  Because we live out in the boondocks, and there are few restaurants, we do a lot of entertaining and I do love to cook. I also like boating and golf.

Working with AlphaNet, I’ve learned how important people connections are – as much as eating right and exercising. It’s the whole picture, not just one thing that makes you healthier.  I really enjoy getting to know Alphas and being able to help them through issues or problems that arise.  I feel like I’ve gained so many friends in the process.

AlphaNet has a wonderful Disease Management Program that you may find beneficial.  Because it is so reader-friendly and chock full of information, great lifestyle tips and medical facts, we’ve named it the Big Fat Reference Guide.  You can also find it on our website at www.alphanet.org .

Coordinator: Kathie Sivesind

Phone: (866) 244-1026

Email: ksivesind@alphanet.org


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Country: USA

Product: Prolastin