Hi, my name is Dan Hicks, and I would like to introduce myself as your AlphaNet Patient Services Coordinator.

I live in Clarkston, Michigan with my wife, Robin. We have four grown children, two sons, two daughters and one grandson.  I worked for General Motors Corporation as a vehicle test driver and retired in 2009 after 31 years of service.

I started experiencing shortness of breath about 7 years ago and was told by my family doctor that I had asthma, probably due to being a former smoker.  Even after I quit smoking, my shortness of breath continued to get worse.  I came down with bronchitis every October and was sick for months.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I was growing very impatient until finally, my doctor sent me to a pulmonologist where I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 in February of 2013.  I started augmentation therapy two weeks later.  It was a life changer for me.  I haven’t been sick since.

I exercise two to three times per week, enjoy bike riding during the summer and taking long walks with my wife.  I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, golfing, painting and riding my motorcycle.

Ever since my diagnosis, I have become passionate about educating myself and others about Alpha-1.  I attend our local support group meetings, participate in Alpha-1 fundraisers and Alpha-1 research trials.  I feel this is the most important thing we as Alphas can do in order to help find a cure.  Being an AlphaNet Patient Services Coordinator is the most rewarding job I will ever have.  “Alphas serving Alphas” says it all.

Coordinator: Daniel Hicks

Phone: (844) 718-2094

Email: dhicks@alphanet.org

State/Province/Territories: Ohio (for zip codes below only); Pennsylvania (for zip codes below only), Michigan (for zip codes below only),

Zip Code (first 3 digits only):  OH 437-441; PA 155-166; MI 490-493

Country: USA

Product: Prolastin