AlphaNet – Alphas Serving Alphas

Two significant issues have compelled AlphaNet to provide education for the medical community specific to Alpha-1.  First, there is a general lack of awareness about Alpha-1 in the population at large, as well as among members of the medical community.  Clinical research studies have shown that, once a patient with Alpha-1 develops symptoms, it takes an average of seven years and visits to five different doctors before the diagnosis of Alpha-1 is made.

Equally important is the second issue: the recognition that significant variations in the care and treatment of Alpha-1 exist in the medical community and that these variations may adversely affect the health of individuals with Alpha-1.

In an effort to address these two issues, AlphaNet has developed professional education programs for the medical community.  Each program is approved for continuing education credits by its respective medical specialty.  The program for nursing offers 3 free Contact Hours in Nursing.  For nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists, a program is available which offers 3 credits in continuing education through the Alpha-1 Foundation.   Click below to to find out how to take the online course.