AlphaNet employs Coordinators that are assigned to each enrollee based upon their geographical location and therapy.   Your assigned AlphaNet Coordinator then contacts you at least monthly via telephone.  In this way, the Coordinators function as AlphaNet’s “frontline” for support, education, customer service, and collaborative self-management of the AlphaNet enrollees.

As a formal component of the ADMAP Program, the AlphaNet Coordinators completed a comprehensive ADMAP staff development program.  The results of this educational effort are measured by comparing their  pre- and post-program test scores.   AlphaNet Coordinators are educated in each of the research initiatives in which AlphaNet participates and are frequently the primary interface with the you in these studies.

Best of all our AlphaNet Coordinators are Alpha’s themselves and they are on the same therapy you are on so they know what you are going through and serve as your lifeline!

Click on the map below to contact your local Coordinator and enroll today.

Meet Our AlphaNet Coordinators

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Coordinators for Prolastin-C

Jesus AlvarezAlvarez, Jesus
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(877) 646-3246

Mike BennBenn, Mike
Kentucky, Ohio (Prolastin-C)
(877) 446-0848

Bowers, Karen
Alaska, California, Hawaii (Prolastin-C)
(877) 703-1923

kbrownBrown, Kathleen
Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, DC (Prolastin-C)
(877) 339-2685

pattibrownBrown, Patti
Texas (Prolastin-C)
(877) 264-7470

susiebrownBrown, Susie
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(877) 679-8116

cbuttonButton, Cathy
Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming (Prolastin-C)
(877) 339-2681

lcalyCaly, Linda
Minnesota, Wisconsin (Prolastin-C)
(877) 710-0915

dcoffinCoffin, Dan
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(888) 678-1453

Combs, Ernie
Illinois (Prolastin-C)
(855) 250-5522

Corradi, Candace
Michigan (Prolastin-C)
(888) 505-2732

DeLeon, LaToya “Toya”
Assistant Program Manager, California, Montana, Utah (Prolastin-C)
(855) 882-1055

eeichEich, Elizabeth
Alabama, Mississippi (Prolastin-C)
(877) 339-1884

dflook1Flook, Doreen
Program Manager for Prolastin Direct Program (Prolastin-C)
(877) 860-8694

nfoltaFolta, Naomi
Nevada, New Mexico, S. Dakota, Texas (Prolastin-C)
(877) 887-6793

Gilbert, David
Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri (Prolastin-C)
(844) 699-4388

Hanna, Valarie
Colorado, Nebraska, N. Dakota (Prolastin-C)
(888) 507-0162

Hicks, Daniel
Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Indiana (Prolastin-C)
(844) 718-2094

rholechekHolechek, Rebecca
Ohio (Prolastin-C)
(888) 883-2991

Kunz, Daryl
Pennsylvania (Prolastin-C)
(888) 526-9077

Ladig, Carla
Louisiana (Prolastin-C)
(844) 845-5897

jlawler1Lawler, Junior “JR”
Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa (Prolastin-C)
(877) 901-5751

bleeLee, Bonnie
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(877) 887-2046

Lestina, Siobhan
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(888) 372-3789

dnallNall, Darrell
Coordinator At large (Prolastin-C)

mpaffrathPaffrath, Shelly
N. Florida, Georgia (Prolastin-C)
(855) 816-7779

Patterson, Diana
S. Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands (Prolastin-C)
(888) 399-0443

Pino Baranda, Mirtha
Puerto Rico, Bilingual Coordinator for Spanish-Speaking Community (Prolastin-C)
(877) 330-4506

jschiewer9-15Schiewer, Judy
Georgia, N. Carolina, W. Virginia (Prolastin-C)
(844) 881-8896

Sivesind, Kathie
Staff Coordinator (Prolastin-C)
(866) 244-1026

Smith, Sherie
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(877) 679-4182

jstricklandStrickland, Jesse
Indiana (Prolastin-C)
(866) 224-6637

Tanner, Jason
New York (Prolastin-C)
(888) 507-8790

Thomas, Teresa
Coordinator At Large (Prolastin-C)
(888) 309-7295

gtipperTipper, Gayle
N. Carolina, S. Carolina (Prolastin-C)
(877) 982-5742

atownTown, Angela
Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont (Prolastin-C)
(855) 898-1898

dturleyTurley, Doug
Tennessee (Prolastin-C)
(877) 943-9828

fwalshWalsh, Fred
Massachusetts, Rhode Island (Prolastin-C)
(800) 791-3194

CZeiglerZeigler, Caroline 
Oregon, Washington (Prolastin-C)
(888) 485-7127

Coordinators for Zemaira

M Hixon

Hixon, Mike
Illinois,  Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin (Zemaira)
(866) 685-3849

Iverson, Peggy
Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Program Manager for CareZ Program (Zemaira)
(855) 628-4145

lkosakKosak, Lisa
Florida, S. Georgia, Puerto Rico,  U.S. Virgin Islands (Zemaira)
(855) 814-3974

llangeLange, Lois
Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming (Zemaira)
(844) 840-8423

rlogsdonLogsdon, Ric
Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, W. Virgina, Virginia (Zemaira)
(844) 446-1243

rnicholsNichols, Robert
Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, DC (Zemaira)
(844) 638-0587

Patrick, Deanna
Alabama, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, N. & S. Dakota, Vermont (Zemaira)
(888) 862-2308

lisatrepperTrepper, Lisa
Arkansas, N. Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma & Coordinator At Large (Zemaira)
(855) 230-4242

Coordinators for Aralast/Glassia

kcollettCollett, Kathleen
Program Manager for AATmosphere iNSPIRATION (Aralast/Glassia)
(877) 914-5117

tlefflerLeffler, Terri
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, N. Carolina,  S. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia (Aralast/Glassia)
(855) 338-8387

spettyPetty, Stephen
Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, U.S. Virgin Islands, W. Virgina (Aralast/Glassia)
(844) 294-2126

mikeray9-15Ray, Michael
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, N. Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, S. Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming (Aralast/Glassia)
(844) 245-7966

jschwabSchwab, Jill
Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin (Aralast/Glassia)
(888) 833-8962