Hi, my name is Buzz Trevathan and I would like to introduce myself as your AlphaNet Patient Services Coordinator.

I, too, am an Alpha, having been diagnosed in May 2008 and have been on augmentation therapy since.  I am very grateful for the support that the wider community of Alphas provides to one another under the current “umbrella” of the AlphaNet organization.

I presently make my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my wife, Pam.  We have two grown sons, and I have two grown sons from a previous marriage—all four of whom are carriers of the Alpha-1 gene.  When I was finally diagnosed, after years of being told that I just had COPD or early stages of emphysema, it came as a shock.  I had been active most of my life.  I grew up as an army brat and my first career was in the military as well.

Begin associated with the military I was privileged to live all around the world, including Japan, Panama, Vietnam, Germany and of  course the USA.

After resigning from the Army, I worked as an engineering manager for three different corporations in the USA (Virgina Oak Tannery in Luray, VA; Air Products and Chemicals in Allentown, PA; and Fairchild Space Company in Germantown, MD).  In 1992, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my second family where we purchased a Native American Art Gallery.  We closed the gallery and I retired about the same time as I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 and began Prolastin augmentation therapy.  My association with AlphaNet has helped me realize that I can live a fairly normal life following diagnosis and now I am part of AlphaNet as a Coordinator.

I am looking forward to serving you, my fellow Alphas, and expect to learn as much from you, as you learn from me.  Anytime you would like to chat or have any questions, please give me a call.  After all, we are “Alphas serving Alphas”.

Coordinator: Louis “Buzz” Trevathan

Phone: (844) 303-2813

Email: ltrevathan@alphanet.org

State/Province/Territories: Nevada, New Mexico

Zip Code (first 3 digits only):

Country: USA

Product: Prolastin