Hello, my name is Jim Quill, and I would like to introduce myself as AlphaNet General Manager for Prolastin Direct Program.

I have had the outstanding privilege of working with AlphaNet since July 2007.  Before my position as General Manager, I have had opportunities to serve as AlphaNet Coordinator At-Large; as well as, AlphaNet Coordinator for the states of South Carolina and Indiana.  I have been privileged to learn so much from my years of regular contact with so many other Alphas and also from my talented colleagues here at AlphaNet.  I am truly honored to now serve as General Manager.

I currently live with my wife in Bluffton, South Carolina and have two grown sons.  Due to the extensive history of Alpha-1 in my family (mother, aunts, uncles, brothers, sister, nieces, nephews), I was fortunate to be tested and diagnosed in the mid 1980’s before I experienced any symptoms.  In the late 1980’s, however; during a trip to Disney World with my family, I experienced unusual shortness of breath while swimming.  A follow up visit to my physician resulted in being diagnosed with the onset of emphysema, and I was placed on a number of medications including inhalers. M y health was rather stabilized for a few years.  In the mid 1990’s, I began regular visits to a pulmonologist who immediately had me placed on weekly augmentation therapy.  In the late 1990’s, I began to use supplemental oxygen and eventually was sent by my pulmonologist for evaluation for lung transplant.  After five years of being on the transplant list, I received my gift of a bi-lateral lung transplant on May 31, 2006 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Becoming knowledgeable about Alpha-1, attending support group meetings with other Alphas, following a healthy diet, attending a pulmonary rehabilitation program on a regular basis, and having a wonderful supportive family have truly been the keys to my living successfully with Alpha-1. Although I have had a bilateral lung transplant, I am not “cured” of Alpha-1.  In fact, my physician continues to prescribe augmentation therapy which I now infuse biweekly.  I have a wonderful outlook on life and truly enjoy talking with other Alphas in managing their health and the daily challenges they face in living with Alpha-1.

After my transplant, I retired as an educator after 34 years in the public school system.  During my career, I have worked as an elementary classroom teacher, reading specialist, and school principal.  I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, have a Master’s Degree in Education from Temple University, and certification in School Administration from the College of New Jersey.  I am an active volunteer for the Gift of Life Program and attend regular support groups and educational events to remain knowledgeable about current research and issues related to Alpha-1 and lung transplant.  I am very anxious to share my background of experiences to lead an support others.  I am always inspired by my interactions with other Alphas.

Occasionally, we feel as though no one knows what we are going through with Alpha-1.  Sometimes we just need the comfort of talking to someone who does.  We at AlphaNet are always willing and available to answer any questions you may have or get you the information you need.  We will always stay focused on you and our mission of “Alphas Serving Alphas.”

Coordinator: Jim Quill

Phone: (888) 795-6393

Email: jquill@alphanet.org

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Country: USA

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